About Contempo

Our Mission

At Contempo Renovation Solutions, our mission is to provide superior quality home improvement solutions that are tailored specifically to meet the individual needs of our clients. We believe that a home is an important investment, and we strive to help maximize its value through specialized renovation and remodeling services.

Our experienced team of professionals will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure your renovation project meets all your goals for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal. We utilize the latest techniques, technologies, and materials available in the industry in order to ensure a fast turnaround time while also providing long-lasting results. With our commitment to customer service, we guarantee a hassle-free experience that ensures you are fully satisfied with the end product.

We recognize that home improvement projects can be stressful; therefore, we take pride in offering each client personal attention and stress-free solutions that exceed expectations.

Manny Guillen | Design Manager

As Contempo’s resident architecture expert, Manny has long been passionate about the design and construction industry. With a Bachelors of Architecture degree and post graduate studies in sustainable construction and business management under his belt, he is able to bridge the gap that exists between construction companies and design consultants with ease.

His ability to understand construction from a designer’s point of view gives him an eye for detail that is unmatched. Having taken this passion to greater heights since joining Contempo, Manny continually looks for ways to improve both his architecture skills and construction knowledge. He brings these together every time, making him a valuable asset for any project!

Jose Pineda | Operations Manager

Jose is quite the expert when it comes to project management! He’s not only built a strong foundation in engineering, but his business savvy has allowed him to lead teams in multi-million dollar projects for major companies. Moreover, with over 10 years of industry experience under his belt, you can count on Jose to bring insight, skill and expertise whenever he’s put behind the wheel.

His impressive skill set allows him to pay close attention to detail and obtain maximum quality results no matter how big or small the job is. Everyone in Jose’s team can rest assured knowing that he will make sure that their task is completed as efficiently and effectively as possible!