The overwhelm of home renos is real

Undergoing home renovation is a monumental task. And as a busy professional, your plate is already full.

Facing the prospect of coordinating multiple contractors, aligning schedules, making endless design choices, and keeping the budget on track, home renovations demand more time and energy than you can spare. It’s not just about the physical transformation of your home but navigating the complexities that come with it, all while your life continues at a relentless pace.

beautiful kitchen renovation project

Making every inch of your space feel like home

Sometimes what you want does not exist. That’s when you build custom. Custom homes offer complete freedom to design every aspect of your living space to fit your unique needs and desires. You can choose any location and lot size to the smallest details that make a house truly feel like home. All you need is an expert to help.

The Contempo Difference

At Contempo, we start with design—our core philosophy for every home renovation. Our signature design-first approach ensures that your unique vision and lifestyle preferences guide every phase of the project, from initial concept to completion.

By offering all home renovation services under one roof, we streamline your renovation experience, removing the hassle of coordinating with multiple contractors. Our integrated team of interior designers, architects, and project managers works closely together to bring your dream space to life with functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind. From obtaining permits to selecting the right materials, we handle every detail with meticulous care, making your renovation process seamless and stress-free.

open concept home renovation with fireplace and accent wall

End-to-end home renovations expert

With over 20 years of experience and an integrated in-house team specializing in interior design and project management, Contempo delivers comprehensive home renovation services, ensuring seamless execution from concept to completion.

Kitchen Renovations

Transform your kitchen into a functional space where everything you need is within reach.

It becomes more than a place to cook—it's where you gather, entertain, and create memories. Let's design a space that's as welcoming as it is practical, making it the true heart of your home.

Open Concept Living

Imagine removing barriers to open up your space, allowing light to flood in and life to flow freely throughout your home.

We design open concept living areas that bring a new level of connectivity and interaction to your daily life, creating an environment where every moment is shared.

Basement Makeover

Turn your basement from an underused, cluttered storage area into a dynamic space that's truly your own.

Whether you envision a home theater, a personal gym, or a cozy family room, we're here to build you a basement that complements your lifestyle and interests.

Bathroom Remodel

Elevate your bathroom to a sanctuary of comfort and luxury.

From efficient layouts that maximize space to beautiful tiles and hardware, your new bathroom will be a place where you can unwind and rejuvenate in peace.

Interior Renovations

As your life evolves, so should your home. Whether it's a major remodel or selective updates, we're here to infuse your spaces with new energy and style.

Let's give your home the refresh it deserves to reflect the latest chapter of your life.


Experience a holistic approach to home renovations, where your vision and budget lead the way. Our process is designed to blend architectural excellence with interior design finesse so that the end result surpasses your expectations.

  • Collaborate with our experts to outline your dream home, focusing on a design that matches your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Enjoy our design-first approach that ensures every detail is planned with intention, for a renovation that's both beautiful and functional.
  • Tap into our in-house design team's creativity for bespoke solutions that elevate your space, guided by professional insight.
  • Experience hassle-free renovations with transparent updates and efficient project management.
  • Enjoy the transformation of your home from outdated to modern and sophisticated.


“I hired Contempo for 2 bathrooms and a kitchen and ended up doing the whole interior. The white oak floors that they suggested look beautiful with our white oak risers. Everybody that comes to our home loves the glass and the stairs.”

- Daniela, Toronto

Home Renovation FAQs


Contempo is a residential general contractor with dedicated project management expertise and an in-house design team offering a wide range of home improvement services.

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Take the first step with Contempo and discover how our design-first approach can transform your living space into a home where every square inch is personalized. Let our fully integrated team guide you.

Get In Touch

Take the first step with Contempo and discover how our design-first approach can transform your living space into a home where every square inch is personalized. Let our fully integrated team guide you.

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