Custom Homes and Infill Projects

Design the House of Your Dreams

Homeowners looking to add character and style to existing neighbourhoods can realize this vision with a custom home or infill project construction. At Contempo Renovations Solutions, we understand that building projects require care, precision and attention to detail in order to deliver quality results. Our team takes the time to get to know each client’s project requirements and works alongside them throughout the entire process. By leveraging years of experience in the industry and our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are able to consistently provide comprehensive custom homes and infill projects customers can be proud of.

Custom Homes

If you’re looking for a custom home, but don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of building from scratch, Contempo Renovations Solutions is your answer! Our team can create your dream home from existing structures and bring it up to code.

We work within your budget and timeline, so you won’t have to wait years or spend an arm and a leg to get the home you’ve always wanted. Plus, all of our homes come with the highest quality craftsmanship and materials—just like a brand new home! So let’s get started today—contact us and turn that dream home into reality!

About Our Custom Homes

Looking to upgrade your home? Contempo Renovations Solutions is the perfect choice for turning an average house into an extraordinary home. With decades of building and remodeling experience, our team will design and build a custom home that fits both your wants and needs. 

From choosing the right materials to ensuring that every detail is just right, we’ll make sure your project comes together perfectly so that you can create a space tailored just for you! Our team will work with you every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are excited to help you create a custom home you can be proud of!

Process of Custom Homes

The process of custom home building with Contempo Renovation Solutions begins with a meeting between the client and our design team. Our design team will discuss the project goals, budget, timeline, as well as possible floor plans and architectural styles for the new home. We will then create a preliminary concept plan to get an idea of how much space is needed and where certain features could be placed in the finished home. 

Once we have finalized all aspects of the custom home’s design, we will then begin construction. This process typically involves framing and insulation installation followed by drywall installation, plumbing work, electrical wiring, cabinetry installation, painting and other finishing touches such as installing flooring and trim. Throughout this phase of construction we also make sure that all necessary permits, inspections and approvals are obtained from the local building authority. 

Finally, after construction is complete we will inspect the home to ensure everything meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship. Upon completion of this inspection, the homeowner can then move in and enjoy their new custom home! We also provide a detailed warranty to guarantee any workmanship or materials used for a period of one year after construction is finished. With Contempo Renovation Solutions you can rest assured that your custom homebuilding project will be completed with precision and care.

Benefits of Custom Homes

Building a custom home offers a number of benefits to home owners. One of the biggest advantages of custom homes is the ability to design and build a unique space that meets your specific needs and preferences. 

Custom homes also allow for greater energy efficiency and eco-friendly features to be built into the design, helping to reduce energy costs and minimize your carbon footprint. The control over materials and finishes used in construction also means that you can choose higher quality materials that will last longer and perform better over time. 

Additionally, custom homes offer greater flexibility in floor plan and layout design, allowing you to create a space that is tailored to your lifestyle and specific requirements. Furthermore, the ability to choose the location of the home provides greater privacy and reduced noise, making for a more peaceful living environment. 

In the long run, custom homes can also be a wise investment, appreciating in value over time and potentially offering savings due to better design and the use of higher quality materials. Overall, building a custom home provides a unique opportunity to create a space that truly reflects your personal style and tastes.

Designed to Your Needs

Building a custom home is a unique experience. For those who want their home to fit their individual needs and preferences, a custom-built home is the perfect way to make it happen. With Contempo Renovations Solutions, you have the assistance of professionals every step of the way – from conception and design to construction and final approvals. All of this combines to give you a home that’s not only tailored for your and your family’s unique needs, but also beautifully built with artistry and excellence. As your dedicated design and build team, we are proud to provide custom homes that truly bring your dreams into fruition.

Infill Projects

Contempo Renovations Solutions specializes in infill projects, the development of marginal land that is located between existing developments. Incorporating an infill project into your home or business can give it a fresh look and improved sustainability- providing a cleaner energy source, more efficient use of space, and increased safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Our team of experienced engineers, architects, and builders make sure each project is designed to have the least possible impact on the environment while also making sure that all needs are met for our customers. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you create your ideal project!

What Are Infill Projects

Infill projects are an exciting and innovative way to modernize the urban landscape. With the pressure of population growth, cities are looking for efficient yet stylish ways to revamp their existing infrastructure. Infill projects aim to do just that – by taking unused or underutilized spaces in cities, these unique projects revitalize them with fresh and new ideas. 

At Contempo Renovations Solutions, we specialize in infill projects and are committed to creating spaces that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing through the integration of landscape elements including paving, seating, fencing and even green walls. Contact us today to find out how we can help transform your city with a one-of-a-kind infill project!

Types of Infill Projects

Infill projects are an exciting way to add fresh energy and value to an unused or underused space. Contempo Renovations Solutions provides a range of different infill projects that can make use of any available room in your property. We specialize in interior alterations, exterior renovations, gardening projects, and even additions such as garages. 

If you have the space but don’t know how to utilize it, our experienced team can provide planning advice and trusted work ethic to create projects which both maximize on the land while providing practical solutions. Contact us today for a free quote and change the look of your home with one of our innovative infill project solutions.

Process of Infill Projects

At Contempo Renovations Solutions, the process of an infill project begins with our team forming a comprehensive plan to ensure the job is done right. That plan typically includes a full on-site assessment so that we can properly evaluate the existing structure, as well as make well-informed decisions about any necessary replacements or repairs needed for the project. 

Our team will then provide detailed design drawings and renderings to help you visualize how your space could look when complete. After that, we’ll create preliminary cost estimates and finalize timelines before starting construction, bringing your vision to life with top quality professional craftsmanship.

Benefits of Infill Projects

A successful infill project from Contempo Renovations Solutions can greatly benefit any household. By adding local amenities and increased property value, an infill is sure to make a positive impact on your life. With improved aesthetic and design, it can become more visually appealing than before. An infill project can also bring about energy efficiency through utilizing new materials, making for a more comfortable living space. 

In addition, the sustainability of the environment can be enhanced by the reduced consumption of resources or by recycling them in construction. Not only that, but an infill project is an excellent way to invest in your home and can open you up to exciting opportunities such as carpooling and creating a lively community atmosphere. Contact us today to make your infill project dreams come true!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help you make informed decisions when tackling custom homes and infill projects. We’ve taken the time to gather some of the frequently asked questions and answers so that we can help break down the process for you. From basic questions to technical queries, let us provide you with the expertise and guidance needed to make your dream home a reality!

How long does it take to build a custom home?

The timeline for building a custom home varies depending on how complex the project is—as well as local zoning laws and regulations. Generally speaking, it typically takes anywhere from 6-12 months for a custom home to be completed, although some projects can take much longer if the design is particularly intricate or there are other unique factors involved. 

Are there any advantages to building an infill home?

Yes! Infill projects often benefit both homeowners and their neighbors as they help bring up property values while also providing more efficient use of existing infrastructure. Additionally, these projects typically involve fewer environmental disturbances than building on undeveloped land-so they can be a great option for people who want to reduce their ecological footprint. 

What type of materials should I use when renovating my home?

The best materials to use for any renovation project depend on your particular goals and budget. For example, if you’re looking to reduce energy usage, then you may want to consider utilizing thermal insulation made from recycled materials or installing energy-efficient windows. If you’re focusing more on aesthetics, then natural building materials such as wood or stone can be used to create a rustic look. In any case, it’s important that the material is suitable for your climate and meets other necessary requirements for safety and durability. 

What kind of warranty do you provide?

At Contempo Renovations Solutions, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and workmanship that stands the test of time. We understand that your home is a major investment and you want it to last for years to come. That’s why we offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty on all our workmanship, ensuring that you can feel confident in the quality of our services. In addition, for added assurance, we are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Our goal is to make sure every customer experience with us is as stress-free as possible.

Our Services

Contempo Renovations Solutions caters to all your renovating needs! With our custom homes and infill projects, plus home additions, interior renovations, condo renovations, architectural designs and basement renovations you can have the perfect space that reflects you and your lifestyle. Plus, if you're looking for something a bit smaller scale, we also offer kitchen and bathroom renovation services. We strive to provide top quality services with a friendly approach - so you get the best of both worlds! Contact us today to see how we can make your dream home come alive.

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