Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a General Contractor

Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a General Contractor

As a client or a customer, it’s always good to come prepared. However, not everybody knows what to do for the initial steps in constructing their homes. But the one thing you must know is that, when hiring a contractor, it is vital to ask pertinent questions.

Here, we’ve prepared questions you must ask before hiring a general contractor. This list could calibrate your expectations from a service provider. This process may take a while, but when you find a professional who can answer these questions properly, you may be assured that they will deliver their best work for your property.

What is your company’s organisational structure?

A company’s organisational structure indicates how they run and what you may expect. You should understand the connections between corporate management, sales, design, and site management. Meet as many people as possible in person early on.

Have you spent a significant amount of time working in this industry?

The first thing you should inquire about is how long they’ve been in business. While you should not be afraid to hire a rookie, a longer track record often indicates a more experienced professional. Moreover, seek their accreditation if feasible.

Can you provide a portfolio of your work as well as references?

If a contractor claims to have worked in your city for thirty years, he or she should be able to provide a long number of references. Before making a commitment, contact several references; some contractors may even ask you to view them at work on a current job.

Do you have a current license?

Examining the contractor’s license ensures that he or she is authorised to do renovation work in your city. It guarantees that the contractor will follow all necessary local building codes or risk losing certification.

Could you please provide me with insurance proof?

Liability insurance is required to protect your property and the property of your neighbours. To add, you should also look into worker’s compensation insurance in case you are held liable for a contractor’s injuries.

Can you obtain the relevant permits and inspections?

If your contractor wants authorisation to do big modifications, be wary. While permits and city inspections are not required for all renovations, your contractor should apply for them if necessary.

What is the project’s expected timeline?

Experienced contractors can predict the duration of a project and how changes to the timeline or scope will be handled.

How do you handle project disagreements?

Inquiring about client disputes and how they were resolved may help you create trust in your contractor. It is in the contractor’s best interest to demonstrate outstanding communication skills and to actively listen to and resolve client problems.

What is the project’s budget?

Any cost revisions made during the course of the project should be handled via change orders. A change order is used to document any changes to the scope, schedule, or cost of a task.

If you pay cash, the contractor may give you a discount, but it will never be the same as the price of a written contract. You will have little legal recourse if the contractors cause damage to your home or leave without completing the contract.


Being involved in the construction of your new property isn’t simply about being present or getting to know the general contractor and their team. Sometimes, you must seek pertinent information by asking crucial questions. After all, you’ll want to be the most assured customer there is. And by getting your answers to these questions, you can be sure to give your trust to the service provider you’ve chosen.

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