5 Crucial Things to Consider When Doing Condo Renovations

Making the decision to renovate your Toronto condo is a big one. After all, it’s not just a new coat of paint or a new piece of furniture. You’re talking about a significant investment of time, money and energy.

Before you start tearing down walls or shopping for new appliances, there are a few important elements to consider. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get started:

1. Define Your Goals

What do you hope to achieve with your renovation? Are you looking to increase the value of your condo, make it more comfortable to live in or simply change the look and feel of the space? By identifying your goals upfront, you’ll be better able to make informed decisions about the scope and cost of your renovation.

2. Work Within Your Budget

Once you’ve defined your goals, it’s time to start planning your budget. Keep in mind that even small renovations can add up quickly, so it’s important to have a realistic idea of what you can afford to spend. If necessary, consult with a financial advisor to help you develop a budget that works for you.

3. Get Familiar With the Rules and Regulations

Before you start making any changes to your condo, it’s important to get familiar with the rules and regulations set forth by your condo corporation. These rules may dictate what types of renovations are allowed and what specific approvals are required. By understanding the rules upfront, you can avoid any costly surprises or delays down the road.

4. Choose Your Contractor Carefully

Once you’ve reviewed the rules and regulations set out by your condo corporation, you can start interviewing contractors. It’s important to choose a contractor who is familiar with condo renovations and is willing to comply with the condo corporation’s rules and regulations.

5. Stay Informed 

As a condo owner, you have a responsibility to inform your condo corporation of any upcoming renovations. This helps the condo corporation ensure that your renovations are in compliance with the rules and regulations and that any necessary permits are in place. It’s also a good idea to keep your neighbours in the loop about your upcoming renovations. This can help reduce any potential disruptions and help ensure that your neighbours are happy with the end result.

Condo Design Ideas to Get You Started

1. Create a Focal Point 

One way to add interest to your condo is to create a focal point. This can be done by adding an accent wall, installing a piece of statement furniture, or hanging a piece of art. 

2. Incorporate Colour 

Adding a pop of colour is a great way to add personality to your space. You can do this by painting an accent wall, adding colourful pillows or throws, or hanging artwork. 

3. Update Your Lighting 

Updating your lighting is a quick and easy way to change the look and feel of your space. You can add new light fixtures, install dimmer switches, or simply change the light bulbs. 

4. Add Plants 

Plants can add both style and function to your condo. Not only do they look great, but they can also help purify the air. 

5. Maximize Storage 

If you’re short on storage, get creative and maximize the storage space you do have. You can add floating shelves, use storage ottomans, or invest in a storage bed.


If you’re planning to renovate your Toronto condo, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you’ll need to factor in the cost of materials and labour. Second, you’ll need to consider the impact that the renovations will have on your day-to-day life. And finally, you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to DIY or hire a professional. With all of that in mind, renovating your Toronto condo can be a fun and rewarding experience!

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