Aiming for the Ideal Home Theater Room: Read These Tips!

When a home theater room is built, it could end up being a home remodeling project’s endpoint. 

Aside from floor installation and window-fixing, there’s another deep dig into a bank account due for entertainment. Video projectors, screens and big TVs should be taken into account when considering what to buy. It’s important to control outside light, too, so that a properly large photo can be cast. There are many requirements to consider, especially when it comes to large, flat-screen TVs, screens and the like.

Here are some tips to get the ideal home theater room setup:

Control Ambient Light

Home theaters, which typically use a video projector in place of a movie screen, are spaces where you want to limit ambient light, whether natural light from the outdoors or light from other rooms. Light-bleed, which results when you can see images outside the theater through the screen or projected images on the walls surrounding the theater, ruins video projection images when it occurs. 

Control Ambient Sound

Ambient sounds are unwanted sounds produced by a home theater. Your family may enjoy the latest blockbuster on DVD, but the sound is often spoiled by noises in the other rooms of the house as well as sounds from outside. Dishwasher and kids in the next room are examples, but any kitchen noise, plumbing noise, and sound from outside the house will affect your movie-watching experience.

Here are some key tips:

  • Add a second drywall layer
  • Put up thick curtains for the home theatre windows (make sure they absorb sound and block light)
  • Replace hollow-core doors with solid doors

Have A Dedicated Space

Home theatres, which are defined as rooms solely dedicated to watching movies on a big screen, can be a great way for families to gather and relax. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to stream movies and television shows on demand. 

Anyone who has experience streaming a movie or television show on an iPad to the living room TV using AirPlay knows that the picture quality is not as good as watching a BluRay movie on the same display. That said, the convenience of being able to search for and select just the right show at the last moment is unbeatable. With streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, video games, BluRay movies, and cable TV, there are many ways to enjoy a home theater in the contemporary home.

Spare bedrooms are great, but viewers must keep a proper distance from their screen. It’s especially key for video projectors; the projector will need a 14-foot throw distance when extremes are at play. That way, a 150-inch diagonal picture can come through. That said, short-throw projectors can also be availed of in the market.

Have a Proper A/V Component Rack

The A/V component rack, or audio-visual component rack, is the central point for your entertainment source components. It should be located near an electric outlet and a source of Internet television and music. The component rack also houses your Blu-ray player, cable box, network media streaming device and the like.


The home theater goes a long way when it comes to the remodeling of a home overall. It can be somewhat tricky to navigate, but there are key tips for it to be achieved well. This includes having a proper A/V component rack, controlling ambient sound, and a dedicated space.

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