6 Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes People Make

Contempo Renovation Solutions Inc. – 6 Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes People Make

A kitchen renovation is a hefty investment, so the last thing you want is to finish the project only to discover that it falls short of your expectations in terms of form, usefulness, or both.

When revamping your kitchen look, there is a lot to think about. Therefore mistakes are inevitable. 

However, if you want a kitchen that genuinely merits the title “heart of the house,” it’s critical to be involved throughout the kitchen design process with a reliable renovation company you can trust.

Here are the top six mistakes people make while remodelling, upgrading, or rearranging their kitchens.

1. Forgetting the Work Triangle

Keeping your kitchen appliances too far apart might interfere with your cooking. It’s all about where you put your most essential appliances. So you have a stove, a refrigerator, and a sink. 

One of the most common mistakes is placing such items too far apart, causing you to walk back and forth repeatedly, wasting precious energy and time.

Consider how you will utilize your kitchen during the planning stages. To increase functionality, we recommend adding spice and oil storage near the cooking zone and cutlery and dishes near the dishwasher. 

There are numerous clever options on the market, such as wide drawers and customized inserts that allow high-functioning storage.

2. Not Thinking About Counter Space

Skimping on counter space is, in general, a bad idea. It’s one of the most crucial aspects of your kitchen.

It’s where the magic happens, from kneading dough to cutting up your ingredients. An ample counter space also allows you to work with loved ones without knocking elbows. Extend your countertop area by adding beautiful corbels for shelf` supports to your countertop. 

3. Doing a Solo Renovation

You may be a do-it-yourself enthusiast who is considering renovating the kitchen on your own to save money and time. While the savings are significant, the odds of making a mistake are much, much higher.

Remember that tackling the entire kitchen renovation project will cost you extra time and money. To save yourself the cost of doing a repeat job, later on, it is strongly advised that you partner with a reliable renovation company that can provide accountable, efficient and quality results.

4. Not Installing a Lighting System That Makes Sense

When it comes to kitchen renovation, many homeowners overlook the lighting. Trust us when we say that there should be three forms of lighting in the kitchen. There should be general lighting to illuminate the space and task lighting to focus on a specific region. 

Then there should be pendant lights to enhance the overall kitchen aesthetics. To make the space more lively, you can install the lights behind the cabinets or under the worktops.

5. Going Over Budget

Never, ever start a kitchen makeover project without a budget. Determine what you want to do ahead of time and which elements are most crucial for you to add. Keep in mind that cabinets alone might consume up to one-third of your funds. 

Sticking to a budget is one of the most crucial aspects of renovation! You will most likely be tempted to go over budget, but resist the temptation. You’ll appreciate your kitchen a lot more if you’re not in debt to it.

6. Not Installing Charging Ports

Technology is a vital aspect of contemporary life, yet most kitchens tend to lack the necessary features to support it. With more and more smart appliances entering the kitchen market, the need for more outlets and other gadget-friendly features is becoming a must-have. 

A reliable renovation company can give you the scoop on the latest kitchen tech trends, so you can decide whether or not to include them in the new layout.


When planning your kitchen renovation, consider the importance of every detail, such as wall colour, cabinet colour, flooring, and hardware, and how they all work together. 

When it comes time to renovate the kitchen, work with a reputable home remodelling firm, but don’t stop there. Keep the advice above in mind to avoid the expensive mistakes that so many homeowners make.

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