Which One Should You Add to Your House: A Full-Room or Sunroom?

It is easy to decide that you want to add another full room in the house. However, going through the details and specifications can be overwhelming, especially if you only have the basic knowledge about structures. 

Anyone who wants to expand their property or increase its value over time would opt for adding another room, but questions about the decision can often arise. This article will help answer some common questions so you can judge which one to do better and which fits your case.

What Kind of Room Addition Should You Do?

Home renovation contractors base their service fees depending on different factors. One of the most critical ones would be the total space you plan to add. How big your new home addition is would dictate how much materials you would need and how much labour it would require. Regardless, you would not find any service charge less than $50,000 when custom space is the topic. 

Before you decide on what kind of additional area you would like to have, here is a quick vocabulary refresher to guide you:

  • Stick-Build Addition: When contractors ask you if you are looking for a stick-built addition, that means a space that they will build from scratch. It also means that they would be using the same materials when building a home. They need to apply wood for the construction framework, concrete for the primary material, and glass for added aesthetic and protection. They would also use house sheathing and shingles to protect the room against harsh weather. Finally, it would also require complete electrical and HVAC services if you want the space to be fully functional and comfortable. Some examples of stick-built additions are room additions, house additions, and other bump-outs. 
  • Sunrooms: If you want an additional room but a space your contractors can finish faster, a sunroom may be what you are looking for. They do not require electricity or heating and cooling installation. It is specifically designed to be made up of 80 percent glass to provide the sunroom promising temperatures. Think about having another garage or a somehow livable garden shed connected or next to the house. Since it does not require too much energy and time compared to the stick-built addition, it can be built fast and without all other hassles of home construction. 

Types of Sunrooms

Should you decide on having the latter, know that you still need to make one more decision. You have to choose between a custom-built or prefab sunroom that you prefer. 

  • Custom-Built: As its name suggests, custom-built sunrooms are developed by your contractors from the ground up and precisely how you want them to look. You can decide how much glass coverage you want for the room and how you want it to look.
  • Prefabricated: If you do not want to make so many decisions about the tiniest details of the sunroom, you have the prefab option. This kind of sunroom is already constructed ahead, so there are specific designs involved. All the contractors need to do is deliver the materials into your home and then build it there. 

Now, not because sunrooms are easier to build does not mean you can do it that quick. You still need to secure building permits from your local government as it is still considered property construction. Furthermore, you still need the service of professional contractors as every new home addition requires a proper building foundation, regardless of whether they are prefabricated or custom-built. 


There is more to learn about property construction, but that is why experts exist to assist their clients with the plans they make for their homes. Even as simple and as small as another room could give you loads of concerns and decision-making to do. Still, that is part of the exciting adventure that makes home renovation fun to experience. 

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